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Durable, attractive, and with traditional, universal appeal, a long-lasting, elegant option for any home is custom hardwood flooring. Wooden floors have proven themselves to be an important added feature for any home for centuries. Deluxe Flooring has the ideal Philadelphia hardwood flooring to fit and beautify it from contemporary houses to farmhouse-inspired abodes. 

Our experts will help you pick the right kind of wood, board height, and construction design to suit your lifestyle, house, or preferred aesthetic, whether you are restoring old wood floors or replacing another flooring type with the comfort of hardwood. For attractive home flooring, oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, maple, and even non-traditional woods like bamboo may all be used. Different timber types have distinct degrees of toughness and hardness. We will help you pick both the right kind of wood and the right finish for you. Hardwood floors are one of the more expensive flooring options, a high-end option, but their quality and longevity make the investment worth it to many homeowners. Our specialist in the hardwood flooring business will be delighted to explore the advantages and attractiveness of the flooring options available for your home and budget if you are interested in how hardwood can be used in your home. 

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High-Quality, Durable Flooring

One of the best qualities of hardwood flooring is that unlike other forms of flooring, it can be sanded and refinished or repaired. This helps you, without needing full floor renovation, to restore or revitalize your flooring at any time.

For decades, the longevity, functionality, and reliability of solid hardwood flooring has made it a classic choice. Hardwood flooring is used for both classical farmhouse style homes and new, high-end buildings, making it a genuinely timeless range. New manufacturing techniques, finishes, treatments, and selections of wood products make hardwood flooring a more affordable alternative than ever before for more homeowners. 

High-quality wood flooring has many advantages. Not only is it inherently sound dampening, as an attractive home product, wood floors often retain and add long-term resale value. Our Deluxe hardwood floor specialists would love to consult with you if you are considering renovating or upgrading your flooring and would like to explore the various choices open to you.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is used in many different forms:

Solid Unfinished Planks

Strong hardwood flooring boards have historically been mounted, then stained and finished in place. This type of hardwood can be sanded down and refinished many times over the life of the floor, but prefinished hardwood items have steadily lost their popularity.

Solid Prefinished Planks

The manufacturer has retained and top-coated this type of solid hardwood, which allows for smoother, quicker installation. Prefinished hardwood flooring, though, is often milled so that the planks have subtly beveled edges, creating channels that can accumulate soil, dust, and pollen within boards. 

Engineered Planks

In this type of hardwood, a relatively thin hardwood veneer is glued to a plywood or MDF foundation. This style of flooring is often pre-finished and mostly created with a method of "click-lock" in which the edges of the planks interlock. This floor style usually "floats" over a thin underlay of foam spread over the subfloor. This type of hardwood is the easiest to build for workers.

Maintenance, Repairs, & Refinishing

Hardwood flooring is one of the simplest floors to maintain. It can keep dirt and dust at bay by just brushing and cleaning with a dry rag, and there are no spaces for dirt to hide. Hardwood flooring, though, may need to be refinished at some stage, a procedure that can vary from a basic varnish re-application to complete stripping, sanding, and a new top-coat application. But a clean hardwood floor will go on for decades until some kind of refinishing is required, particularly in bedrooms that see relatively light foot traffic. And one of its key benefits is the basic fact that solid hardwood flooring can be refinished: carpeting usually has to be replaced every 10 years or so, while hardwood floors are considered to last for as long as the house itself.

Often cut your pet's nails as an extra note for pet owners to prevent marks and dents on wood floors. You will want to remove them when you step on the hardwood to make them last any longer, whether you are fond of wearing stilettos or high heels. Since wood is very susceptible to the indoor atmosphere, you can also invest in a humidifier.

After completing the installation process, our hardwood flooring specialists will give you a much more detailed maintenance guide. We have already measured your place and lifestyle that way, because we already know the most suitable way to take care of your hardwood flooring. Don't worry; we have the expertise and equipment to do something you can't do on your own.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Generally speaking, installers find it harder to install hardwood floors than other non-carpet flooring choices, such as laminate, vinyl, or even ceramic tile. Strong hardwood planks are best built by experts, in particular. Through pushing nails into the edges of the boards and onto the subfloor, the procedure involves' blind-nailing' the boards down one at a time.

Deluxe Flooring is the wood floor installation company from Philadelphia, PA, offering full service from the original flooring appointment through to professional installation and finishing. We are committed to offering high-quality flooring for your house, design, and budget that works. In any room, location, or level of your house, we can install custom wood flooring, including installing wood finishing on landings, stairs, and in basements. Our specialists have knowledgeable, skilled hardwood floor installation that is both elegant and long-lasting for every part of your house, or for your whole home.

Our objective is simple: to give you the best hardwood flooring that will not only elevate the beauty of your house, but will also last long enough for several years to come to bring value to your home.

You can be assured that you can get the most appropriate floor for your lifestyle, attitude, and current home decor while keeping to your budget with our hardwood flooring specialists at your side.

Call Deluxe Flooring Philadelphia at 215-490-1859 for a Free Consultation & Estimate!

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