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Vinyl Floors

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Vinyl flooring is a popular option amongst homeowners. Used for about 100 years now, vinyl flooring is a durable building material that, among many other essential advantages, provides longevity, water resistant, and low maintenance. They are versatile and come in various designs and colors. Vinyl flooring, stylish and economical, has over the years been one of the top options for homeowners in Philadelphia. In the kitchen and bathroom, as well as in the living and dining areas, this type of flooring is widely used. 

Vinyl flooring, withstanding heavy foot traffic or furniture, is also known for its longevity. It is not fully resistant to all the potential damage caused mainly by wet areas where they are used. Being waterproof and easy to clean, however, makes them the go-to flooring for many individuals. It is less costly in terms of cost than other high-quality flooring products on the market. It regulates sound and eliminates noise, which is great for homeowners who have kids or pets. In a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, vinyl flooring comes, so you'll surely find the choice that appeals to your home interior taste. In addition, the installation is very simple! At Deluxe Flooring, our vinyl flooring experts will help you choose the right style and design that suits your needs, personality, and budget. 

Our installation team will discuss the entire installation plan after you settle on the final look that you want on your floors. This way you can be sure you know exactly what's going to happen in your building, what results you're going to get, and when you're going to see them.

Note that our Philadelphia vinyl flooring experts are only one call away if you want to start building your dream floors now.

For Free Consultation, call Deluxe Flooring Philadelphia at 215-490-1859!

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are multiple vinyl flooring categories that you can choose from. All of these categories are known as 'resilient,' but each has different installation methods and efficiency. Deluxe Flooring will allow you to identify what is best for your property and direct you through the entire plan of installation. 

Our Philadelphia vinyl flooring experts will also guide you through the following flooring materials in our entire selection:

Resilient Sheet Vinyl

Consisting of thin flexible sheets of vinyl bonded with a printed design and a transparent wear layer, this is the most common type. Resilient Sheet vinyl comes in 6 or 12-foot wide rolls, ensuring that very few seams can be laid on the flooring. For wet places, such as toilets, this makes it the best (and cheapest) kind of vinyl. Although there are several types that are installed with only a perimeter bond, resilient sheet vinyl is typically installed with a glue-down bond.

Resilient Vinyl Tiles

This product is predominantly the same as sheet vinyl, except that it is packaged in boxes of square pieces, either glued with a troweled-on adhesive or exposed by a pre-applied adhesive when the peel-off backing is removed.


Luxury vinyl

This is a completely different material, a thicker, semi-rigid flooring type that is made in either long planks or tiles (known as LVP or luxury vinyl planks) / (known as LVT, or luxury vinyl tiles). Marketed by some manufacturers as rigid-core vinyl, these products are made with relatively thick layers which offer some rigidity to the flooring. Anyway, floating floors that clip together at the edges and rest on an underlay with no glue-down bond are typically luxurious vinyl tiles or planks. This is the most prestigious of all the types of vinyl flooring, and in the correct application, it can actually add real estate value to a house. In general, the plank shapes are manufactured to imitate wood, while the tile shapes resemble ceramic or stone tiles.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is patronized in Philadelphia due to its various advantages. Consider the following points why people turn to vinyl flooring if you're thinking about how vinyl flooring is a better option:

Stain Resistance

The entire floor space of a residential or commercial property is covered by flooring. In other words, it takes a lot of cleaning to protect the flooring, particularly if it is the kind that easily accumulates dirt and dust. The direct opposite is vinyl flooring. Homeowners say cleaning and maintenance is simple. It is stain free and flood resistant. It does not retain the spillage of material, making it quick to clean and tidy up.


Home should also be a place of warmth, apart from being a place of protection. It is where after a long tiring day at work, you rest and relax. With vinyl flooring, because of the extra padding under layer present in it you can stroll around the house all relaxed on your foot. In addition, vinyl flooring does not produce freezing temperatures on the floor. This softness will help you, especially if you have a toddler at home.


It is a durable flooring material, even though vinyl flooring feels comparatively soft underfoot. However this makes sense, since it was first produced to be an alternative to linoleum, the first durable flooring stock.


With the present state of the planet, we are potentially increasingly becoming more concerned about the environment. It is strongly recommended that we use environmentally friendly materials in our homes for furniture, fixtures, and other items that are important. For flooring, vinyl is a green alternative.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is where you can even boast of the benefits of vinyl flooring. Since it resists all marks, bruises, grit, and punctures, it is very easy to clean. However they can pierce through the vinyl if heavy furniture doesn't have safety pads on their sides. Often there is UV protection only for high-quality vinyl products. Others, if they are continuously exposed to intense sunlight, can appear somewhat yellowish. 


Vinyl is a more realistic alternative if you are dreaming about building vinyl, wood, ceramic, or stone with intense cost consideration. It is less costly than the three other components.

Top Philadelphia Vinyl Flooring Service Provider

Often go for a flooring material that is sturdy and budget-friendly when building or remodeling your home. We deliver a large range of vinyl flooring at Deluxe Flooring that we can customize to match your other home decor, attitude, and lifestyle. We have many available options for you to pick from, whether you like durable sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles. If you want to bring true value to your house, we also have luxurious vinyl planks and tiles.

If you already have a clear understanding of what the result you want to be or you only pick as you go, rest assured that our experts in vinyl flooring will assist you in every possible way. Even, because we do this with absolutely no pressure, you have nothing to think about. Though offering you helpful tips along the way, we will let you calmly make your decisions. 

At Deluxe Flooring Philadelphia, with vinyl flooring materials worth a dollar you pay, you are promised luxury flooring services. Only speak to our flooring experts, and as soon as possible, we will have your dream flooring done.

Free Initial Consultation

At Deluxe Flooring Philadelphia, our team of construction professionals is always happy to provide you with high quality flooring installs. Giving us a call and our vinyl flooring specialists in Philadelphia will happily help you pick the right floor for you and your guests!

For Free Consultation, call Deluxe Flooring Philadelphia at 215-490-1859!

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